Why you shouldn't use Mailchimp for Cold emails?

Why you shouldn't use Mailchimp for Cold emails?

Uzair Rasheed


Mailchimp is one great platform for email marketing. Many businesses use Mailchimp to warm up and engage with their prospects. Since it’s a well-known name for email marketing and newsletters, many people tend to think that they can use Mailchimp for cold emails too.

However, Mailchimp is not a platform for cold emailing at all. If you are using Mailchimp for cold emails, you are not only risking the success of your email outreach but can also get your Mailchimp account banned. In this blog post, I will explain why should never use Mailchimp for your cold email campaigns and will also give you a better solution that is a perfect fit for your email outreachs.

What is Mailchimp?

Before we dive deep into why you shouldn’t use Mailchimp for cold emails, let’s understand what Mailchimp is and what’s the primary purpose of this platform. Mailchimp is one of the most common email marketing automation platforms that allow you to launch drip email campaigns to sell your products and keep your audience engaged.

These platforms are designed to send emails and newsletters to people who opted into your sales funnel. Cold emails on the other hand are sent to prospects who had no prior contact with you and are not familiar with your product or service. If you are using your Mailchimp account for outreach campaigns, then you should stop immediately.

Let's look at the primary reasons why using a Mailchimp account for cold emails isn't such a good idea.

1. Using MailChimp for Cold Emails is against their Terms of Use

The first and foremost reason for not using Mailchimp for cold emails is simply that it’s not legal. If you refer to MailChimp’s legal page, you will find out that Mailchimp doesn’t allow you to send commercial or marketing emails to people without their consent.

You can send cold emails and it is legal to do so in most countries. However, Mailchimp is a platform that doesn't allow you to send cold emails at all and you may wonder why does Mailchimp forbid cold emailing?

Simply because it is designed to send brochures, newsletters, and marketing emails. Receiving one without your permission is quite annoying and that's exactly why Mailchimp allows such marketing emails to subscribers only.

If you want to automate your cold email campaigns, then you need a tool that is specifically designed for cold emails. You shouldn't use Mailchimp for cold emails because doing so will not only get your Mailchimp account banned but will also make your email outreach ineffective because of a design mismatch.

Before you set up your first cold email campaign, you must also read the rules and regulations set for cold emails by the local authorities in your recipient country.

2. Mailchimp will affect your Cold Email deliverability

To make your cold email campaign successful, you must ensure high email deliverability for cold emails. They should land in your prospect’s main inbox and that can only be achieved by maintaining a good sender reputation for your email accounts.

Cold emails are supposed to be sent out at random times to ensure a human-like sending mechanism. If the email service providers notice that you are sending bulk emails to strangers, it will hurt your reputation and will affect your email deliverability too.

Since the recipients of newsletters are mostly subscribers, Mailchimp sends all marketing emails in bulk. Sending cold emails with Mailchimp will most likely get them directed to the spam folder and will also get your email accounts blacklisted.

One more important factor with cold emails is the daily sending limit. Mailchimp can send hundreds of emails per day without considering the limits associated with cold emailing. With a fully warmed-up account, you should only send 50 emails per day per account to ensure that your emails land in your prospect’s inbox.

Unlike Mailchimp, Nureply schedules and sends emails one by one at random times to make sure that your emails land in your prospect's inbox. It also takes care of your reputation as a sender and the daily sending limits.

3. Mailchimp's emails land in the Promotions tab

Mailchimp uses its own servers and email SMTP address to send emails and newsletters to your subscribers. They are using the same server to send thousands of emails every day. Their SMTP is familiar to most email service providers and that's why most of their emails land in the promotions tab.

When reaching out to the cold audience, you don't want your emails to land in the promotions tab at any cost. Cold emails are nothing like marketing emails or newsletters. They shouldn't be landing in the Promotions tab. The success of your email outreach depends predominantly on the deliverability of your emails in the main inbox folder of your prospects.

Another drawback of using a shared server is that if someone is spamming people and gets a high number of emails directed to the spam folder, it will also affect the deliverability of your emails too.

Nureply uses your own email account and its SMTP address to send emails to your prospects. This ensures that your emails are landing in the main inbox of your prospects increasing the chances of your campaign's success.

4. Mailchimp doesn't allow you to Personalize your email outreach

Mailchimp is designed for sending newsletters and marketing emails with little to no personalized content. These emails aren’t tailored and are mostly the same for all subscribers. B2B prospects expect some personalized content in cold emails and aren’t very open to generic content.

Personalization is a key factor in deciding the outcome of your email campaigns. It makes your emails look unique and shows your prospects that you took an extra step to personalize the content for them. Sending cold emails with Mailchimp will not allow you to do that.

Nureply allows you to personalize each email with your prospect’s unique information like location, company name, designation, and other key factors. It is also equipped with advanced AI that studies the website or LinkedIn of your prospects and generates unique first lines for cold emails within seconds.

5. Mailchimp doesn't have features to support your Cold Email Outreach

Since Mailchimp is designed to send newsletters and marketing emails. It is not equipped with features that help you monitor your cold email campaigns. There is no way to ensure email deliverability and manage the health of email accounts. You cannot track the statistics that help you make your email outreach more effective.

Nureply can help you verify the email addresses of your prospects to make sure that there are no hard bounces. Sending cold emails with Nureply also gives you the option to add follow-up emails that are human-like and look more personal. Unlike Mailchimp, Nureply pauses your cold email outreach as soon as you get a response from your prospect.

Use Nureply for Cold Email Campaigns

Mailchimp is undoubtedly a great platform for email marketing. However, using Mailchimp for outreach emails is definitely a bad idea. It will affect your email deliverability and get your Mailchimp account banned because of a violation of the terms of service.

If you want your cold email campaigns to be successful, then make sure that you are using the right tool that supports the whole process of cold emailing.

Nureply is a complete platform that allows you to send and personalize your cold emails. You can monitor your campaigns by keeping an eye on statistics like open rate, response rate, spam rate, and bounce rate. Our advanced AI can help you make your emails more effective and ensure more positive replies with personalized email content.

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