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How Nureply Works

Nureply lets you upload your leads and instantly scrapes their personal public data to generate unique personalized first lines that you can use for your cold email icebreaker in seconds!

Hyper Quality

High quality first lines, no human editing required. Nureply is your new AI virtual assistant.


Nureply is cheaper than hiring a virtual assistant while delivering 10x throughput in 1/10th the time.

Easy To Use

Our user interface is fool proof. No tutorial needed. Generate personalized first lines in seconds with a few simple clicks.


Easily integrate Nureply with your CRM & email platform. Have your workspace all in one place.

Unlimited Data

Nureply scrapes public data based on your lead's website, LinkedIn, & other social media in seconds. Saving you hours of research time.


Nureply supports multiple languages to ensure quality AI first lines anywhere in the world.

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Our customers love our product


Don't just take our word for it, read from our extensive list of case studies and customer testimonials.

"I wanted personalization FAST, but without the annoyance of hiring a personalized line writer + paying for it. So yeah pretty happy with it"

Joseph Z. - CEO, Zlnay Consulting

AI First line user

"I'm very happy with the software. You guys are definitely over-delivering"

Jesse D. - CoFounder, Advanced Alliance Media

AI First line user

"Nureply is definitely onto something."

Spencer F. - CEO,

AI First line user

"Nureply is so much better than other Al first-line writing softwares. It has thoroughly exceeded my expectations and I am ready to switch my entire first line writing requirements to Nureply."

William T. - CEO, Zeiter Consulting

AI First line user

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much post-editing is required with Nureply?

Our AI model is trained to generate the highest quality outputs for agency owners but there is a ~5% error rate.

How long does it take to generate first lines?

Our AI powered first lines take seconds to be generated.

How is this better than my VA?

Nureply is cheaper than a VA and generates personalized first lines in seconds so you can scale your agency further.

Why are personalized first lines important?

When you personalize the first sentence of every cold email, your response rates will increase by 2.4x on average, not to mention meeting book rates.

What data does Nureply need from me?

With AI, the more data you provide, the better the output will be. However, Nureply only needs a list of your lead's website or LinkedIn profile to get started.

How is Nureply better than other AI writing tools?

As agency owners, we designed Nureply specifically for agency owners. Our AI has faster throughput and higher accuracy than other alternatives by focusing on specific inputs that generate the highest quality outputs for agency owners.

How much does beta pricing cost?

We currently have a waiting list but are only adding 10 new users for early beta access at a time. Beta users will have the chance to test our platform for free and receive half off our regular pricing for life. Sign up for the waiting list if you're interested to be apart of our beta.

Can I Become an Affiliate?

Yes. If you know agency owners who would love to try a tool like ours, email us at to setup an affiliate deal.

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