How to Find the Ideal Customers for Cold Emails

How to Find the Ideal Customers for Cold Emails

Merve Geneş

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Cold emailing has become an integral part of modern business practices and an effective way for businesses to reach prospects. While it’s a viable way to reach out to many customers, making sure you’re personalizing messages to an ideal prospect base is important for getting the best results.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to identify potential target customers for your cold emails so you can craft messages that are focused and impact. For more information on personalization in cold emails, you can check our blog post.

What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing is a marketing strategy that is being used for years and have shown amazing results for reaching out to customers with no prior contact. Cold emailing has been known to be the best way of reaching out to prospects and turning them into lead, and then customers as it is being used as the most popular method in marketing.

A cold email is the type of email that is sent to a potential customer or client who has not expressed interest in the product or service being offered. Cold email outreach has many different benefits and can be used for different objectives.

Cold emails are a great way to introduce yourself to potential leads and clients. They can be utilized in a variety of ways, including:

-Introducing yourself to a company you are interested in working with

-Introducing your company to someone who may be interested in your services

-Introducing your company's products or services to potential customers

-Requesting information from someone who may have what you need

-Asking for feedback on a product or service you offer

These are only a few of the cases of cold emails. You can use it for more different ways, however in this article we will be focusing on how to find the best potential clients to use cold email outreach and then maybe start sending them marketing emails after you have made sure that they are trusted customers.

To know the difference between a marketing email and a cold email, check out this post.

Why is it important to find the ideal customers for a cold email?

When you are creating a cold email campaign, you want to make sure that you are reaching out to the right person because if you do not know who to reach out to, your emails can end up in the spam folder. Once you are in the spam folder, it is quite hard to go back so best is to avoid from the star.

It is important to find the ideal customers for cold emails because if the email is not relevant to the recipient, they are likely to delete it or mark it as spam. This can impact the reputation of the sender and the chances of future emails being received.

Many people think that cold emailing is sending spams, but there are many differences between cold emails and spam that everyone should know about. Cold email spam is spam when it isn't a personalized cold email because then it means you are sending the same type of email to everyone, which strays away from your target audience and makes your cold email outreach campaign unsuccessful.

If you find the right potential prospects, use proper personalization in your emails and do not use cold email templates, then most likely you'll be free from falling into the spam folder as the whole process is to make sure that you are genuine about what you do.

Define the ideal customer profile by research

write a cold email that sells, cold emailing for sales

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of who your perfect customer is. With this knowledge, you can tailor your marketing strategy and business operations to their needs when using cold email outreach.

There are a few ways to find the ideal customers for cold emails, such as using a customer list from a previous campaign, using a list of prospects from a similar company, or using a list of customers who have shown interest in similar products or services.

There are three steps to finding the right person for your business and making sure that your cold email campaigns succeed:

1.Start with your current customer base:

One of the best ways to identify ideal customers for cold emails is to start with your current customer base. If you already have customers, that means you’ve already been able to reach them and they’ve responded positively to your product or service. Look at the characteristics of your current customers and use that information to identify other potential customers who may be a good match.

2. Use demographic information:

statistics on a page

Another way to identify ideal customers for cold emails is to use demographic information. This can include factors like age, location, gender, and income level. Look at who your current customers are and try to identify other people who may share those same characteristics.

3. Consider other factors:

In addition to demographic information, there are other factors you can use to identify ideal customers for cold emails. This can include things like interests, lifestyle, and purchasing habits. If you know what your current customers like, you can use that information to find other people who may be interested in your product or service.

By using these three methods, you can start to identify potential target customers for your cold emails. Once you have a list of potential customers, you can start to craft messages

4. Once you have a list of potential customers, do this:

Once you have a list of potential customers, you should segment them into different groups based on factors such as age, location, or interests. This will help you to create more targeted cold emails that are more likely to be successful.

It is not only to know your target market but to get deeper and know exactly who your target audience or groups of target audiences are.

Cold email outreach is to reach out to your target audience without no prior contact so it is important to know them, categorize them and send your sales emails accordingly with the aims of your cold email campaigns.

Understand your ideal customers' needs and wants

b2b email subject lines best practices

After you have completed your research on who your potential clients can be, next comes the understanding the needs, the wants, each specific pain point of each category of your target audience.

Your cold prospects will receive a cold email from you, someone they have never spoken to before. Your sales emails can be actually helpful or scream at them to buy your product or service.

You do not want to send a cold email to huge CEO about how your product that many university students have used is successful. They won't care about it, why would they?

This is when you should know what your target clients want and write a call to action according to each person.

As you can see cold emailing is not just sending thousands of emails at once and just hope for the best. Many emailing platforms can provide that for you but we believe that, for example, mailchimp is not a good one for cold emails so it is also important to choose good email providers that can be helpful in the long run.

You should find ways to make things more specific and more personalized in your whole cold email outreach process. Some customers need follow ups, some hate to see a follow up message. Some need you to make sure that you touch a pain point they have find a specific solution to that.

Determine what they're willing to pay for

Once you know your target audience well and know what each person might like or dislike, then you can start getting into actually writing your cold email.

Each person's needs and wants are different, which makes the purchase of your product or service harder. Knowing what they are willing to pay for is possible once you know your target market, target audience and the needs of each person.

Send your cold email to be a solution and not just sell your product or service. Follow up if needed but have the objective of being helpful as the first thing. Using this method will increase your sender reputation and will be great for your follow ups and previous message of that follow up too.

 How can you find the ideal customers for your cold email campaign?

There are many benefits to using a customer finder tool. One of the biggest benefits is that it can help you find customers who are most likely to buy your products or services. This is because it will use your business information and data to find potential customers who fit your target demographic.

A customer finder software will help you get a better understanding of what types of customers you should be targeting for your campaigns, as well as how to reach them through cold emailing.

Extra tips for cold email outreach

Some final tips for crafting cold emails include making sure the subject lines are attention-grabbing, keeping the message short and to the point, and including a call to action. By following these tips, you can create cold emails that are more likely to be successful in reaching your ideal customers and increase your average response rate.

If you'd like a deeper understanding about why and how a cold emailing campaign should be carrier out you can check out our post on 13 Cold Outreach Tips for 2023. Let's take a quick look at them together.

Subject lines

Once you have gathered enough data about your target audience and would like to send a message to the right person, you can now start writing your cold emails.

One of the most important aspect of cold email marketing is to know how to write compelling cold email subject lines, as it will be the second thing a prospect sees in their inbox after your name. Take your recipipen't attention. More info here.

As a quick note: make sure that you have your first name in the "from" section and not only your company name, as it might feel a little intimidating for your prospects and even for your existing customers. Use a casual tone, keep things simple.

For some cold email subject lines examples you can check out here. But make sure that you come up with your own subject lines and not copy paste the ones that we have as you want to write a personalized cold email with an original subject line.

Write your cold email subject lines as few words as possible and no more than a full sentence. Get creative and add your prospect's first name in the subject line to make sure that they see that you are interested in them.

First lines

how to find the best customers for cold emails and writing first lines

This is when you should know what your target clients want and write a call to action according to each person.

Next comes the first line of your cold email. Most cold email platforms do not put enough attention on the first line but we know that many people see the first line to be another advertisement on the main screen of their inbox and completely set it away in spam - even though the subject line might look okay.

Our cold email tool that uses an advanced AI to write amazing icebreaker first lines for your cold email outreach campaign and cold email strategy, will be of great help when it comes to increasing the response rates.

Once you have uploaded your contact list, even if it is in a google sheet format, you can increase the open rates of your sales emails through creating bulks of first lines to be used in your cold emails.

You can sign up here today and claim your first 30 free credits for your first cold email campaign for your target audience.

Adding Value

Now that you know your target audience well from their pain point to the solution, briefly mention how you can help them about what they might need. This will be a good base for the real meaningof your cold email outreach and will help you with creating a successful email body.

If you can show your prospect that you have something valuable that might be helpful in their professional or personal life then they will be interested. You can show them what you are capable of providing by simply talking about this product or service you have through your cold email.

Adding value in this way, meaning you are here to help them and create a win-win situation for the both parties, you are in fact explaining that your cold email outreach process is not to make them buy something but actually fix a problem or setback your prospect is facing. Therefore your cold email outreach is not just one of the hundreds of them they recieve, but it is more thoughtful of the specific person and focuses on them specifically.

Call to action

In your cold email pitch, you should be calling your prospect to fulfill and action that will be helpful for your email outreach campaigns.

Since you have a target audience and even a specific person that you have done the research on you would have a basic idea about how to make them reach back to you, which means responding to your cold email outreach and increasing response rates in general.

A simple "let me know what you think" is a good way to make your prospects want to make an action. If you would like to have a meeting or a call you can ask that of them in a polite way. For example "would you be free for a meeting next week?" is great and gives them space to fix their timing for you.

The only way for you to get to your prospects through cold email outreach and close deals eventually is to add a call to action to your cold email and since it is an active request, it will take your recipient's attention.


Saying your goodbyes and giving your email signature ia important in your cold emails. In most countries it is important to include your job title and your company name in your email signature.

The reason why is that this method you are using is a cold outreach and cold outreach means they basically do not know who you are. Letting them know about you through the sign off is easier because it will keep your email body short.


cold email personalization

In conclusion, finding the ideal customers for cold emails is essential for the success of the campaign.

There are a few different ways to find the ideal customers for cold emails, and once you have a list of potential customers and a target audience, you should segment them into different groups. This will help you to create more targeted cold emails that are more likely to be successful.

For more cold emailing tips and tricks you can check out our blog here.

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