How to get more clients online for your business?

How to get more clients online for your business?

Onur Genes

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A typical business must retain existing clients and find new prospective clients to survive. Whether you're a freelancer, a marketing expert, or a business owner, the number of clients you have determines your revenue and income. 

Startups and new freelancers often need help to get an ideal client. This is because, unlike established businesses, they usually require more social proof, a work portfolio, or experience to attract a potential client. 

However, beyond the urge to find clients, businesses have the concern of attracting new prospects to their products and turning them into happy clients. This is a challenge that both new and existing businesses face. 

This blog post will share a practical guide and free tips on how to find clients online for your business. We'll discuss the following:

  • Benefits of an ideal client to running a successful online business.

  • 5 proven techniques to get a prospective client.

  • Why cold emails are a great method of finding clients.

  • Nureply as an AI tool to attract clients and convert with cold emails.

Benefits of Working with an Ideal Client

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There are certain benefits that businesses can enjoy when they work with potential clients. These benefits include:

1. Larger Budget 

Most times, a low budget incapacitates a company from effectively carrying out the job as agreed with the client. This can be unavoidable because a low budget will force the company to buy substandard materials or tools.

As you progress in your business, bear in mind that low-budget clients are a setback both to their projects and to your reputation.

This is one of the benefits of working with a client that offers a large budget as it caters to everything your company might need to do the job effectively.

However, businesses should ensure that they offer value for the amount they seek to charge.  

Apart from the present job, closing ideal clients mean your company will make more money than usual, and your workers will go home with a larger sum of money at the end of the day.

Thus, it is better to have 5 clients that pay $10k per month, than have 25 clients that pay a total of $500 per month.

2. Greater Exposure

Ideal clients offer exposure from two standpoints: tools, traveling opportunities, and connections.

An average client does not care whether or not you use the best tools in doing the work. But ideal clients, are always concerned about the details. Most times, they get premium tools for you.

On another note, they can introduce you to new up-to-date industrial tools that will enhance your workflow. To a large extent, using these new blue-chip tools gives you a wider range of operations and exposure in your niche.

Thirdly, great clients can refer your business to other high-paying clients when you do a good job.

In addition to this, adding testimonials and case studies of high-paying and high-profile clients on your portfolio website acts as a great source of social proof to attract other high-paying clients to your business.

3. Offering Support

High-end clients do not give you jobs, and abandon you with them; they provide support as well. In most cases, when a few clients want to do business with you, they usually offer you their team to support you with the project.

For example, they could provide you with their accountant to help you prepare the budget and financial forecast for the assigned task. Or when you need particular data to perform your job more excellently, they provide such on request immediately.

This makes the project easier for your own business as you would not need to stress yourself over a lot of unnecessary processes.

7 Proven Techniques to Get Clients Online

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This section will discuss six free tips and strategies to increase your chances of attracting and retaining existing clients for your business. 

1. An Optimized Website

Search engine optimization refers to the processes utilized to improve your website in terms of user experience, traffic generation, and copy.  

Today, most business activities are conducted digitally, and an optimized website must be emphasized.

Clients visit your website to learn more about your business and know at the first glance if you offer what they need. The particular service that you render must be obvious.

For example, business coaches often make words such as "coaching business" appear moderately on their websites to portray what they do.

This means that your website is often the first impression clients have of your business and determines whether clients will be impressed and seek to do business with you. 

This is why business owners must optimize their websites to ensure a smooth customer experience and buying process. 

2. Blog Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: 

"A strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable content to drive profitable customer action.”

Blogging is a form of content marketing. It is creating content relevant to your product or service to boost online visibility, lead generation, and brand authority. 

You can host your blog on your own website. Your target clients are often people who know exactly what they want.

This is why you should ensure that the content you promote in your business blog is valuable and relevant. Bear in mind that you can also guest post on similar blogs.

Blogging is an effective method of reaching potential clients, as businesses that blog experience twice as much traffic as businesses that don't. Blogging is a marketing strategy that requires long-term and consistent efforts to generate desired results. 

3. Social Media Marketing

In 2021, over four billion people were using social media worldwide. We are in an age where everyone has a social media account, and they often make social media posts.

This number is expected to increase to six billion in 2027.

It is leverage to reach many viewers. This force can be harnessed by businesses to build brand awareness and get high-paying clients. 

For instance, you can use Facebook groups and your Linkedin profile to drive awareness and conversion. You can also send a direct message on these platforms.

Social media marketing is the method of promoting your product or service using open media platforms, reaching the right audience, and boosting sales. 78% of salespeople engaged in social media are outselling their peers who aren't. 

A business can build its social media account and market successfully on by utilizing effective strategies. 

4. Paid Ads

In digital marketing, paid advertising is a form of online advertising that a business pays for. It is different from organic reach because organic reach is unpaid for. 

Paid advertising is paying for your product or service to be ranked high on search engines or be displayed to your target audience via social media platforms. 

Ad campaigns include Pay-Per-Click, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and so on. 

Paid Ads can help you reach your target clients based on their location, interests, job titles, and the keywords they use. Paid ads are also very effective because they yield the desired results at an affordable price. 

5. Freelance Platforms

Whether your career is at just the beginning or you have found success already, a piece of important career advice is to not overlook the potential of freelance websites to get freelance jobs. They have a lot of job postings across several niches.

Everyone with all skill sets is welcome to freelancing platforms. If you are a web designer, graphic designer, web developer, or online course creator, you can get your first client on freelancing platforms

First of all, note that the best freelance platform to choose depends on the nature of what you sell or offer.

If your value proposition is content marketing, for example, you will get a lot of clients on Upwork. On the other hand, if you offer a consultations service business, it is better to use freelancing platforms such as Toptal.

Either way, ensure you have some samples of your work to showcase to these clients. More importantly, have a portfolio site that appears more professional. If you want to get your first or next freelance job, use these online platforms effectively well.

6. Industry-specific Job Boards

A more effective and faster way to get a paying client is by sending applications to jobs that you find peculiar job boards in your ecosystem.

For instance, a lot of high-profile jobs in crypto and Web3 are often posted on Cryptojoblist, Wellfound, and Developer DAO Pallet.

At this point, it is apt to caution that not all job boards are real; some are merely for engagements or to even scam you. This is the reason research and due diligence are important if you want to get online clients.

7. Cold emailing

Cold emailing is an email marketing strategy to reach out to leads who have yet to hear about your product or service.

Cold emailing is an effective technique to get a lead magnet because research proves that 85% of adults in the US use email

This is higher than the number of people who use search engines or social media. Cold emailing gives a business the forum to discuss its product or service easily with many people. 

However, emailing people only about your product would be considered spam.

It is more effective to cold email potential clients by sharing a possible solution to a problem they have or by bringing their attention to an unfulfilled need and offering a solution. 

This would intrigue the reader and prompt them to reach out to your business. 

Why Cold Emails Are The Best Way to Get Clients Online?

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There are some cogent reasons most businesses include cold emails in their sales funnel of getting high-value clients, we shall examine these tips subsequently:

1. Cold Emails Appear Right In Front of Clients

As said earlier, many adults use email and check their inboxes regularly each day. Cold emails reach clients personally and at a place where they spend a lot of their time. Thus, prompting a response from clients. 

2. It Generates Leads and Boosts Sales

Cold emails reach many people, and customers reach out to the business by delivering value. These potential customers can easily become paying customers at the end of the sales process.

3. Cold Emails Are Not Easy to Miss

Another good feature of cold emails is that, unlike other marketing strategies, where the client can easily miss a promotion or sales pitch by not being online or checking their feed, the cold emails sent to a client remain in the client's inbox until they open it. 

Similarly, cold emailing is better than cold calling because they enter the client's inbox directly, unlike the latter when the client can choose whether or not to pick.

4. They Boost Brand Awareness

By reaching many people, including potential high-paying clients, a business gets the word out about what they do.

This not only aids brand awareness as more people know about the business but also builds the opportunity for referrals, as potential clients can refer the business to people who need it. 

5. Cold Emails can be Personalised or Tailored to Your Client’s Needs

The other marketing techniques, apart from cold emails, have one drawback: They often address a generic audience. Social media campaigns, content marketing, and paid ads speak to many prospects simultaneously.

This is where cold emails are more effective and cutting-edge marketers prefer a tailored and personalized marketing approach. Unlike other marketing channels that can be generic, cold emails are more specific, and they speak more directly to each prospective client.

On this note, there is a powerful AI tool that will help your cold email outreaches significantly. Read on to know more!

Use Nureply to Record More Converting Cold Emails

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Cold emails are effective strategies to convert people into paying clients. However, many businesses need to learn how to create an effective cold email that will not be considered spam and will increase conversion rates. 

Nureply offers a cold email writing tool that personalizes your emails, making them effective and unique for your customers. Nureply also saves you time and money on expensive and ineffective cold email campaigns. It makes the entire process less stressful and faster.

It utilizes Nureply's Smart Artificial Intelligence System equipped with proven strategies to optimize email response rates and ensure impressive ROI. 

Nureply is seven times faster than a virtual assistant, it saves you as much as 70% of costs, and with Nureply's AI first-line support, cold emails created are ensured to grab your client's attention. 

Reach out to Nureply today to get started creating more converting cold emails!


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As small business owners or freelancers, you need to know how to retain previous clients and how to get new clients for your business. While you can use general methods of marketing campaigns to retain clients, you need to master the art of cold mailing to get more clients.

However, cold emails have higher chances of not converting if not done well, this is where Nureply comes in. You can use the Nureply AI to enhance the conversion rate of your cold emails and make them a lead magnet.

So far, we have discussed extensively how to get more clients online. As a freelancer or a marketing expert, consistently offering value is the secret that launches your marketing strategy into success. 

In addition to all the strategies that have been mentioned in this blog post, ensure you also attend local events and be active in your local community. As you get clients from the internet, it is wiser to also convert those around you into clients.

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