How to Find emails for Cold emailing in 2023?

How to Find emails for Cold emailing in 2023?

Uzair Rasheed


Cold emailing is a type of outbound marketing where you reach out to your potential prospects via email to sell your product or service. Since the target audience for cold emails has no prior interaction with you, you have to find the email addresses of your prospects.

The key to a successful cold email campaign is finding accurate and relevant email addresses of your prospects. Sending cold emails to irrelevant prospects or invalid email addresses will affect your deliverability and result in a very bad response rate.

In this blog post, we will give you a complete guide on how you can utilize the right techniques and tools to find verified email addresses for cold emailing in 2023.

Why you should send cold emails?

Cold emailing is an effective and immediate way to find new clients and customers for your business. Unlike newsletters and email marketing, you can start seeing results with cold emails within a matter of days or weeks.

Most marketing channels like social media ads, google ads, and blogs speak to a specific audience. They cannot be tailored or personalized to each individual prospect’s needs or problems. You can have increased engagement, better targeting, and improved conversion rates with personalized cold emails.

With the advent of AI, it’s even easier now to make your cold emails unique. You can use Nureply to tailor your email content. Nureply’s AI studies your prospect’s company website or LinkedIn to generate unique opening lines to ensure more replies to your cold emails

How email addresses are structured?

Most companies have a very simple and straightforward structure of email addresses. It is very important to contact the right person to get a positive response to your emails.  Once you have identified your prospect, you need to get familiar with the company’s email address pattern by signing up for their newsletters or by sending a query email.

Most businesses will use either full name, first name, or last name in the email addresses of their employees. Once you have found the right pattern. It can be as simple as However, in some cases, this technique might not work out really well. That’s why there are tools and techniques in place that can help you find the exact email address you are looking for.

Make sure that you always use an email verification tool before starting your cold email campaign. It will filter out invalid email addresses from the list of prospects you prepared and will save your email accounts from any hard bounces.

Sometimes finding the email addresses of your prospects could be as simple as searching on google. There are several techniques to do an advanced search on google. Using the right words for a query on the google search engine can find you someone’s email address easily.

You can simply search by writing the search query [full name] + [company name] + email. If there are any email addresses in the company’s website database, these google search operators will help you retrieve the contact details you need for your cold emails.

Another alternative way to find your prospect’s email address is by using the search operator + [name] + email. This search query is intended to do the same thing. However, the only difference here will be that all the search results you get from this query will be from the company’s website database only.

How to find your prospect's email address on Linkedin?

Linkedin is a great platform to get connected to your business prospects. If you are a business owner, you must be on Linkedin and my easy guess would be that you would have already gotten some decent amount of connections made with your target prospects.

However, it shouldn’t just stop here. Linkedin isn’t just about sending a connection request. You should regularly engage and share value within your network to gain trust and credibility for your brand. That way if you will reach out to your prospects later via cold email, they would know who you are and will most likely give you a constructive response.

Finding your prospect’s email address on Linkedin is very easy. All you need to get connected to the person working at the relevant job title to approach for cold emailing. Visit your prospect’s profile page and click contact info to reveal the email address. In some cases, due to the privacy settings on your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, you might not be able to find the email address you are looking for.

If that’s the case, then you can send a Linkedin message to ask for the email address politely. All of the techniques that I have shared above are free of cost but are obviously time-consuming. There are several tools that will cost you some money but will make the email-finding process lot easier. I have mentioned a few of them below.

A screenshot of contact details button on LinkedIn.A screenshot showing contact details and email address of a profile on Linkedin

Tools you can use to find email addresses

If any of the above techniques aren't getting you anywhere or you are just spending way too much time finding an email address, then you should look into the tools that can expedite the process and make your job a lot easier.

There are several email lookup tools that can scrape a person's email address on different business websites or social media platforms. Some of the best ones are mentioned below.

Find that email

Find that email can find the email addresses of your prospects in bulk. It can clean and verify the email addresses in your list to ensure email deliverability and avoid hard bounces. It has a chrome extension that can find your prospects’ emails from social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

A screenshot of the homepage of Find that email tool

Aero leads

Aeroleads has got a database of 650M+ prospects. You can apply filters and find the email addresses of your prospects with a real-time validation tool that will only provide you with authentic contact info. It has also got a chrome extension that can help you extract email addresses from LinkedIn and adds them to your list.

A screenshot of the tool Aeroleads

Get prospect

Get prospect has got an email finder tool that can search the email addresses of your prospects by name or by company domain. It can also fetch email addresses in bulk too. Get prospect has got a chrome extension too that can extract the email address of your prospect from LinkedIn and can verify and validate your list.

A screenshot of the tool Get prospect

Rocket Reach

Rocket reach is an easy-to-use tool that can help you find the email address of almost anyone from the LinkedIn database. All you need is the LinkedIn URL or person’s name to get the contact info. You can also upload a CSV file with LinkedIn URLs in it and Rocket Reach can bulk find the emails of your prospects.

A screenshot of the tool Rocket Reach

How to automate your Cold Outreach?

Cold emailing can get a lot faster and easier if you automate the process using a tool like Nureply. Nureply can not only personalize your cold email content and make it unique but also help with automation just so you don't have to send each email manually to your prospects.

All you need to do is use the tools to find the email addresses of your prospects and write a cold email sequence. You can upload the list and your email sequence on Nureply and your cold email outreach campaign can be automated from there on, leaving you to respond and schedule meetings with your clients only.

A screenshot of Nureply's dashboardA screenshot of Nureply's AI personalization featureA screenshot of Nureply's Email sequences and statistics

Wrap up

One thing that makes cold emailing stand out among other marketing strategies is the ability to personalize and tailor content for each specific prospect. Gone are the days when you had to study your prospect's business website or Linkedin to write unique lines for each one of them. You don't have to waste time personalizing your email content manually when you can get AI to do it for you with an improved response rate.

With Nureply's AI now you can generate personalized first lines and automate your cold email campaigns at the same time. If you haven't yet tried it. Try it for free here.

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