How to add Value to your Cold emails?

How to add Value to your Cold emails?

Uzair Rasheed

How to add value to your cold emails

Cold emailing has proved to be an efficient way of generating leads and finding new clients for businesses. You can easily make your prospects familiar with your product and add value to their businesses using cold emails.

No matter how irresistible your subject line is and how persuasive your email content may seem to you, if it doesn’t add value to your prospects, it wouldn’t work. Your cold email campaign will only generate leads for your business when you have done your homework and made your product seem beneficial for your prospects.

In this blog post, you will get a complete guide on how to add value to your cold emails by using background research and a personalized approach.

Why use Cold emailing to reach out?

One of the biggest reasons why you should use cold emails to reach your prospects is that they can be tailored and personalized to your potential client’s needs and problems. Cold emailing is one platform where you have the ability to personalize your content for each one of your prospects.

While there are many people who think social media ads, google ads or any other marketing channel can give them a better ROI, they tend to oversee the benefits of cold emailing. They don’t know that cold outreach with emails isn’t going to cost them a fortune and at the same time, unlike other channels, they can tailor the content of their emails and make them more persuasive for each one of their prospects.

You don’t have the ability to use a personalized approach in social media ads or any other marketing channel. That’s why sales teams should consider cold emails for marketing and start reaching out to cold prospects.

Why do your Cold emails have a low response rate?

Most email marketers as beginners struggle with low response rates to their cold emails. If your cold emails are landing in your prospect's inbox and are getting opened, then the only reason they are not getting a response is that your prospects aren’t finding enough value in them.

There are many ways you can add value propositions to your cold email outreach. If you do your homework and follow the guidelines written below, you will surely get more responses to your cold emails.

How to add value to your cold email

1. Do thorough Research on your Target audience

Before you set up your cold email campaign and load your email sequence with value for your potential clients, you must do thorough research on your target audience. You must not rely on cheap lists of random email addresses that are purchased from unreliable sources without any prior research.

We are not trying to sell our product or service to everyone. Instead, we are only targeting a list of prospects who are in dire need of our product and will find our services valuable. To do that you must do background research on the target audience and find where your potential prospects are.

Create a focused buyer persona and find out what your ideal prospect looks like. What are their pain points? What niche do they belong to? What product or service they are already using? What are the problems associated with the solution they have tried already?

Once you have done that you can now niche down a list of prospects that match the above characteristics of your ideal prospect. The best sources for gathering leads for your cold email campaign are Linkedin, Crunchbase, and google maps.

2. Hit your Prospect's Pain Points

Now that you have created a list of relevant prospects that belong to your target audience. It is now time to add value to your email content to make your cold email campaigns effective.

Mentioning your prospect’s pain point and then giving them a solution with your product or service is one efficient way to add value to your cold emails. Finding the pain points of your prospects isn’t that hard and you can easily find them by reading more about your potential customers.

One good way to find your prospect’s pain points is to read customer reviews and feedback on a competitor’s product or service. If the email targets the exact same problems that your prospects are facing while using their current solutions, then your cold email will turn out to be valuable for your prospects and will have a good chance of getting a response.

3. Mention Benefits, not Features

One good way to add value propositions in your cold email is to add your product’s benefits. Some marketers focus on the exciting features of their products in their emails which is wrong. Features turn out to be confusing and will add no value to your prospects unless you explain to your prospects how they are going to make their life easy.

For instance, you mentioned in your email that an {XYZ} product has got focused filter API feature in its camera. It will not appeal to the recipient’s interest until you say that the latest focused filter API feature removes all distracting content from the frame leaving only you and your loved ones in the focused frame.

If you are not addressing the benefits, then features will not add value to your prospect’s business. Therefore, focus on benefits, not features if you want to write a good email copy. Bear in mind that you don’t have to write about all benefits and make your cold email long. Try focusing on the ones that your prospects will find valuable and you can always add follow-ups to add more value to your email sequence.

4. Show a Case study

Adding case studies in your cold email is one efficient way to add social proof to your cold emails. Since you had no prior interaction with your prospects, they might be expecting proof of claim from your end.

All you need to do is mention what results you have achieved as a company for your clients. You can add statistics to make your case study stronger. For example, you are a web developer and you increased the workflow efficiency of a well-known XYZ company. You can add a case study by just adding a line that states "{XYZ company} noticed a 5x improvement in their workflow efficiency with {your company name}".

One other way to add social proof in your cold email is to add some company names that you have previously worked with. For example, {company name 1}, {company name 2}, {company name 3}, and {company name 4} has already seen improvement in their workflow with {your company name}. We can do the same for you too.

5. Study your prospect's business website or Linkedin profile

Once you have prepared a list of potential prospects that you want to reach out to. You are now ready to set up a campaign and write an email sequence with value propositions added for your prospects.

Now you have done the research and found what pain points your target audience has. You have also got a list of benefits that you might want to mention in your cold emails. There will also be some case studies too that you want to add. Since cold emails are meant to be short and to the point, it is never advised to stuff everything in one email sequence.

Instead, sales reps should study their prospect’s business website or Linkedin to find out how their product can be beneficial for their prospect’s business and then only add the value propositions that your prospects may relate to or will find extremely valuable.

You can do segmentation to all your leads and put prospects with similar characteristics in one list. That way your email sequences will become more effective and will resonate with your prospects. For example, your business can target software agencies, SEO agencies, web development agencies, etc. You can put everyone in a separate category to prepare a more effective and relatable cold email sequence.

6. Use a Personalized Approach

It is very important to personalize and tailor your email content for each prospect. Generic cold emails don’t work anymore. Your prospects already get tons of sales pitches every day and in order to make it through the noise, you must personalize your email content.

One easy way to do that is to write unique opening lines for each one of your prospects. For that, you will need to study your prospect’s business website or Linkedin and write opening lines for each one of them. A unique icebreaker or opening line shows your prospects that you aren’t just sending the same exact email to everyone and that you have done some homework to write something special for your prospects.

Most email marketers hire a Virtual Assistant to write those opening lines for them. A virtual assistant doesn’t guarantee you consistent quality opening lines for your prospects and at the same time, it adds up to your cost too.

With the help of modern AI, you don’t need to hire VA anymore to write the opening lines and personalize your email content. You can get Nureply to generate unique first-line icebreakers for your prospects within seconds. Nureply studies your prospect’s business website or LinkedIn to personalize your email content and ensures 2.4x more replies to your cold emails.

Make sure to Follow up

One of the most common mistakes that I have noticed in beginners is not following up on their initial cold email. Always remember that your prospects are busy and sometimes they don’t get time to respond to your first email. Also, some prospects don’t respond after the first cold email because they probably want to learn more about your product or service and think that this is not the right time.

Therefore, if you don’t add follow-up emails you are narrowing your chances to convert your potential prospects into paying clients. You should always add 3 to 4 follow-up emails to your cold email campaign to give yourself a better chance of getting a response from your clients. Make sure to load follow-up emails with more value propositions and benefits that you might have not mentioned in your first cold email.


Cold emailing can prove to be a game changer for your growing business if you know how to use it the right way. Write your cold emails around your prospects. Make your cold emails about them, not your company. Explain how your product or service can help their business achieve targets. If you add enough value for them, you are very much likely to get a response from your prospects.

Personalization is one great way to stand out and add value for your prospects. Only 2% of marketers personalize their email content. You can easily make it to the top-performing cold emails if you just make your content unique with personalization. Nureply’s AI can do it for you now within seconds. If you haven’t yet tried it. Try it for free.

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