Cold Email AI for Better Response Rates

Cold Email AI for Better Response Rates

Merve Geneş

Using AI for cold emailing

What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is the type of cold outreach method in which the sender do not have any contact prior to the email that is being sent. Cold emailing is a big part of email marketing to reach out to potential customers to make them into proper leads.

There are many advantages to writing cold emails and using cold email writing tools that can be useful to marketers and businesses.

Why write cold emails?

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to potential clients, partners, and investors. They are the best way to get your message across in a short and concise manner.

Cold emails can be sent from any device, from anywhere in the world. You can send them at any time of day or night and you don't have to worry about missing a meeting with someone because you were stuck in traffic.

Cold emailing is also one of the most affordable ways to grow your business. There is no cost for sending an email, other than the cost of your internet connection. This means that if you want to reach more people, send more emails and get more leads, you can do it without any additional funds.

Using cold emails as the main marketing strategy can be useful in many aspects, including its scalability, and the ability to fully personalize every cold email.

How do I know what to write in my cold email?

The key to crafting a good cold email is finding the right angle of your business. Your goal is always to stand out and make someone feel special. No one wants to receive an email from someone who just does not care about them or their company. You have something compelling to offer.

As you can see in the example we have provided below, starting from the first lines, a cold email must show that you are interested in them and not just out there trying to sell like hundreds of advertisers in the inbox of your prospect and just there for the sales.

To give an example:

Hi [insert first name]

I have been following your success in the past few years in [name of their project]. I'm just starting my own company that is offers [insert a service here] and I wanted to reach out to see if you would like to be a customer?

We are growing fast and would love the support of an institution like yours.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How to write a cold email?

personalized emails

Decide on why you're writing

Even though some AI tools can generate cold emails that are enough on their own, some of them might not perfectly fit your use cases of them or can need some changes, accordingly with what you are planning to write in your email.

Deciding why you're planning to write an email is the first step to take because your entire email will be about your initial reason.

Gather information

After you have chosen what to write in your cold email it is now time to gather some data about your prospect. Do your research and make your research count. Your message must be fully personalized according to your prospects and their data in order to get their attention and make them read the whole text you have put effort into.


Using personalization in your cold email outreach strategy is really helpful, especially in the email subject line and the first lines. Your prospects are usually thrilled to read emails that is actually writing to get a message across between hundreds of them that let alone giving a message but does nothing more than trying to sell something.

Cold Email Sections

Here is the step by step guide to writing a cold email. It is important that you understand how to write a cold email and how email outreach works before to test writing with AI powered writing tools and choose between the best ones out there - since this wntire process could be generated by some AI.

1. Subject line

Your email subject line is the second thing your prospects see after your name. Including your prospect's first name in the subject line is one of the many ways to go when writing the best one possible for the cold email at hand.

Remember that prospect's time is important for them and if they don't find your subject line interesting enough, the cold email you've sent won't even be opened. Which means, it will not have reached its purpose and your entire cold email will have gone to waste.

In order to avoid that, you must find a subject line that fits the purpose of your cold email, as well as getting enough attention to make it read.

2. First line

Your lead will see the beginning part of your first line in the main view of their inbox. They will decide if your first line feels like they were emailed to be sold something, or it was a genuine cold email that has something to offer to them.

One of the best ways to write a first line in your cold email is to talk about your lead to themselves. Say why you are interested in them, which will add to your email marketing campaign, since personalized cold emails have a chance of doubling the open rates than those that aren't.

It could put a bit of pressure on you or your business when you consider that the entire email campaign might be successful or not with knowing how to write a first line however we are here to help you with that.


For writing the best possible first lines for your cold emails, you can check our AI powered first line generator and create amazing first lines that will make sure to increse your open rates. While using personalization to write best possible cold emails personalized perfectly for your prospects, we will be of great help for your company.

Our AI can do the research on its own when given very little information on the prospects and write amazing first lines for your cold emails to get you started on your marketing journey.

It can sound like a real human being and use the exact word needed to get your prospects' attention. To learn about the features and how to grow a successful business through email marketing, check out our solutins page.

3. Main body

After you have finished writing your effective first line, then comes the rest of the main body.

In the second paragraph of your cold email you should add value to your lead in some way. What do they get out of contacting with you? Why would they fulfil your request that you give in your call to action?

4. Call to action (CTA)

If you are using cold email outreach, then it is important to mention what you expect from your prospect. Give them a task such as "let me know" and explain your expectation from them. A cold email without a CTA is kind of meaningless and wouldn't add up to your marketing campaign.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence in email marketing

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These are processes that include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions), and self-correction.

AI is a subset of computer science that studies how to create machines that can do things that would require intelligence if done by a human. AI is a very broad field, but it has some well-defined areas like machine learning and natural language processing.

What can AI do for marketing?

There are many ways to use AI in email marketing to get better and faster results from the strategies that marketers create. For example, AI writing tools can help a lot with writing tons of personalized cold emails in a very short time to send to many people in order to get their attention. By utilizing AI for cold emails, businesses can expect to see higher response rates and better customer satisfaction.

AI can help you write social media posts to reach a better audiance. Many people nowadays use AI for writing captions in their social media. As you can guess, it is rather important to sound as humanly as possible when writing social media posts and an advanced AI can easily achieve that.

Additionally, AI can write blog posts for content creator and can be a useful tool when it comes to making research information on its own from various resources. AI generated content is without a doubt the fastest way to create blog posts and rank higher in SEO though we still believe that using real people for writing blog posts are better.

Tools like these are great for many marketers on different fields. For now, let's focus on the email outreach marketing and personalization usa cases of AI.

What is a Cold Email AI?

Cold email is a type of email marketing that is used by companies to reach out to potential customers. The entire process that we have explained above about writing a cold email could be aoutomated easily with an AI software.

A cold email AI is an automated tool that can be used for this type of marketing. It helps businesses to send personalized emails without having to write one themselves. The AI tool can have access to the company's database and will use this information in order to create personalized messages for each customer that it reaches out to.

There are other types of AI tools that you can uplod the information into and can generate what to write according to the data you have given it. These types of different features can vary from one AI to the other.

Cold email AIs are not a new concept as they have been around for about 20 years now. However, they have only become more popular with the invention of chatbots and other AI assistants in recent years.

Why Use AI Tools for Cold Emails?

There are many benefits to working with AI tools for cold outreach and number one of them is the personalization. Your company should be known with the way it cares for each customer (or potentail customer) it has. It drives a nice picture about your company and can be useful in the long term. Personalization does exactly that for you.

By using personalization in your cold email outreach, you are showing your prospects that you care for every each of them and want to reach out to them on a personal level. Just by taking a look at their website and understanding the work they do as well as the projects they are focusing on can be a topic to talk about in your cold email.

Thankfully an AI writer like Nureply can do it for you. When you want to personalize your emails but do not have enough time to do it for prospects seperately you can let an AI writer take care of it.

cold email ai for better response rates and personalization

How Does a Cold Email AI Work?

Cold emails are an important part of the process of finding clients. But it can be hard to find the right words to say in a cold email.

An AI cold email assistant can help with that. They can generate first lines for you with just one click, or they can even send out your email for you. The AI will take care of all the research and marketing so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The hardest part is actually finding what to write to each person you are contacting. Your leads would love to read personalized cold emails, as they do not want to feel like they are only one of the hundreds of people you are emailing. To connect with your leads on a more personal level, you can read our blog post on how to write personalized cold emails or can look into cold email tools that can do it for you.

Some of the AI can execute marketing campaigns for you, saving you time and money. AI-based email marketing solutions can find the optimal mailing list for your business based on factors like industry, location, or even the number of hours you are willing to devote to delivering emails. This means that they don't waste any of your time contacting people who aren’t interested in what your business has to offer.

On the other hand, some AI can schedule the best times for your follow up cold emails. There are many use cases and they offer a huge variety so it is a good idea to get to know what the AI you are planning to use is capable of.

What are the Benefits of Using AI in your Cold Emails?

A cold email is a message that is sent to someone who doesn't know you. It's a chance for you to introduce yourself and your business.

The benefits of using AI in your cold emails are that it can save you time, eliminate errors and provide better results.

It saves you time because the AI will do the research for you and find the contact information of your target audience. It eliminates errors because it will make sure that everything is spelled correctly, formatted correctly, and has no typos. And it provides better results because it will make sure to send the email at the right time, which might be when they're most likely to be checking their inbox.


Using AI for better personalized cold emails is a great way to increase engagement and make your customers feel valued.

To get started, you should start by gathering data about your customers, such as their first names and their websites. This data can be used to create personalized cold emails tailored to their individual needs.

You can then use AI algorithms to analyse this data and identify patterns that can be used to determine which content will be most relevant to each customer. Once you have identified the content that is most relevant, you can use AI to personalize the content in your cold emails. This could include using the customer's name in the subject line, using first lines that match the customer's interests, or using language that resonates with the customer.

By using AI for better personalization in your cold emails, you can ensure that your customers receive content that is tailored to them and that will keep them engaged.

Increased response rates

Writing with AI for cold emails can be a great way to boost response rates and increase the success of your campaigns. AI can help you craft messages that are more personalized and tailored to each recipient, which can help grab their attention and make them more likely to respond.

AI can also help you identify which contacts are more likely to give a positive response, allowing you to focus your efforts on those contacts and increase the efficiency of your campaigns. AI can also help to identify the best times to send emails for maximum engagement, as well as the most effective content to include in an email.

Additionally, AI can help you automate repetitive processes such as personalization and segmentation, freeing up more time for you to focus on other tasks. By leveraging the power of AI, you can increase your response rates and make your cold email campaigns more effective. If you can get increased response rates, you can close more deals, make more sales.

using ai for cold email marketing campaigns

The Future of Cold Emailing with AI

Cold emailing is a marketing strategy that has been around for decades. But with the advent of AI, your email marketing campaign is about to get a whole lot more effective.

The future of cold emailing looks bright with the rise of AI. AI powered systems are already being used to automate the process of sending emails, resulting in higher open rates and better response rates. AI can also be used to personalize emails, making them more engaging and relevant to the recipient.

For example, AI can be used to analyze customer data to determine which messages are likely to be most effective. In addition, AI can be used to track customer interactions, allowing businesses to optimize their email campaigns in real-time. As AI technology continues to advance, we will likely see even more ways in which it can be used to improve cold emailing.

How to Use Cold Email AI in Your Marketing Strategy?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cold emailing is an exciting development for marketers.

AI can be used to automate many aspects of the cold emailing process, from personalizing messages to optimizing delivery times. AI can also help marketers better target their potential customers and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. An AI powered cold emailing tool can track user engagement and provide insights into customer behavior, allowing marketers to better understand their customers and tailor their messages accordingly.

By writing cold emails with using AI, marketers can save time and increase their response rates, resulting in higher ROI for their campaigns. In the future, AI-powered cold emailing will become even more powerful, with more automated features, more targeted messages, and better insights into customer behavior. This will help marketers create more effective campaigns and reach larger audiences with greater efficiency.

AI powered cold email tool

Our AI powered cold emailing tool can help you generate tons of first lines to get you started in your cold emails. To create first lines that can assure that your cold email will be read and responded to, sign up here. For more information you can check out or solutions page or contact us.

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