Best Sales Prospecting Tools for 2023

Best Sales Prospecting Tools for 2023

Uzair Rasheed

sales prospecting tools

Sales prospecting is the process of finding potential customers to increase your business sales and revenue.

Sales prospecting allows you to connect with your ideal prospects who need your product solution to eliminate their pain points.

Sales reps use different ways to reach out to their potential prospects. It can be done through cold calling, cold emailing, contacting LinkedIn, etc.

Since businesses can get more sales and increased revenue with successful prospecting, they are willing to invest in sales prospecting tools.

Before diving deep into the best sales prospecting tools out there, let's have a good understanding of what sales prospecting tools do and why they are important.

What is a sales prospecting tool?

A sales prospecting tool can be defined as a platform or software that is meant to automate or simplify your sales process.

Sales prospecting tools can save time and money while easing out the process of engaging and dealing with your potential prospects.

Several tools can help you with B2B prospecting like generating leads from LinkedIn and scheduling meetings for example.

Sales teams can generate more leads while saving both time and money with sales prospecting tools.

Why should you use Sales prospecting tools?

Sales prospecting tools ensure that sales reps make the most of their time. Manual prospecting, gathering leads, sending emails, and scheduling meetings can be a very tedious and hectic process.

To make sure that sales reps add more value to their work, I urge businesses to go for sales prospecting tools and make their sales team's job easier.

Sales prospecting software is designed to automate the whole process for you. All you need to do is set it up and then monitor it to make sure that everything goes as planned.

Types of Sales Prospecting tools

There are several sales prospecting tools for both inbound and outbound sales prospecting.

Outbound sales prospecting is the process where sales teams find potential prospects that match their ideal buyer persona and then reach out to a cold audience to introduce their product.

Outbound sales prospecting tools help with cold calling, cold emailing, or any outreach with no prior contact.

Inbound sales prospecting, on the other hand, is the process of attracting warm prospects that have already shown interest and opted into your funnel.

In this blog post, we will discuss both outbound and inbound sales prospecting tools. We will start with the lead-generation tools and make our way to warming them up and converting them into potential customers to bring sales.

Lead generation tools

Lead generation is the process of finding and connecting with your business prospects. Several sales prospecting tools can help you ease the process of lead generation.

Sales teams can use these tools to find contact details, email addresses, and social media accounts of their potential prospects.

Lead generation is a very fundamental part of the sales process. Manual prospecting does take a lot of time. Therefore, investing in lead generation and automating the lead generation process to find quality leads is an option to look into.

Here are our top picks that can help you with the lead-generation process.

1. Find that Email

Find that email can help you find the email addresses of professionals in bulk. You can reach out to the email addresses provided and educate prospects about your product. Find that email also cleans your list and verifies the email addresses of your prospects to ensure there are no hard bounces.

2. AeroLeads

best sales prospecting tools

Aeroleads is another sales prospecting tool that helps you generate leads from a database of over 650M+ prospects and allows you to use filters of your choice to create a more specific list for your business. It also has an amazing chrome extension that can convert your LinkedIn connections into leads.

3. Skrapp

best sales prospecting tools

Skrapp can find verified email addresses of your business prospects while you are browsing their LinkedIn profiles. It's a very fast and efficient solution to generate leads from the social profiles of your prospects in seconds.

Cold Email Outreach Tools

Cold email means an email that is sent out to your potential prospects with no prior contact or introduction.

Cold emailing is one great way to bring in new customers and increase sales for your business. About 80% of people think that they prefer cold emails over any other form of contact from the sales rep.

There are several different cold email tools with enticing cool features that can help you automate your cold email sequences. All you need is a list of email addresses and the software takes care of the rest.

1. Nureply Cold Emailing

Nureply is a sales prospecting tool that allows you to automate your cold email sequences. It stands out among other cold emailing tools with its unique features that save you a lot of time. For instance, sentimental analysis can separate positive, neutral, and negative responses so you can reply to your prospects immediately.

Nureply also verifies your email addresses before you start sending cold emails to eliminate hard bounces and maintain a good sender reputation. That's just scratching the surface of the product. To check out more click here.

2. Nureply AI Personalization for Cold Emails

Nureply is a complete platform for b2b sales that also allows you to do the personalization for your cold emails too. All you need now is a list of prospects along with their websites or LinkedIn profile.

Our smart AI will generate unique first-line icebreakers for your whole list and you can set up your cold email campaigns right away without having to leave the platform for personalization.

A screenshot showing the dashboard of Nureply cold email outreach tool for sales prospecting.A screenshot of Nureply's personalization features.A screenshot showing the statistics of cold email sequence automated with Nureply

LinkedIn Outreach Tools

LinkedIn is one great platform to find prospects for your business. Since it's one place where most B2B engagement and communication is carried out, sales reps are actually turning to LinkedIn these days to find their ideal prospects.

Sending sales pitches and engaging with your potential prospects via direct messages shouldn't be very new to you as a business owner. Your sales reps might already be doing that.

LinkedIn is one of the best sales prospecting platforms these days and if you aren't leveraging your LinkedIn outreach yet, then probably you should.

Several Linkedin sales navigator tools mentioned below will make your LinkedIn outreach campaigns much easier.

1. Linkedautomate

best sales prospecting tools

Linkedautomate is a sales prospecting tool that can automate your activities on LinkedIn like sending messages, connecting with your prospects, and generating leads.

Linkedautomate can send hundreds of personalized connection requests and bulk messages to your prospects without you having to send them one by one.

2. Zopto

best sales prospecting tools

Zopto is one great sales prospecting tool that can grow your network on LinkedIn. Zopto can send invites to prospects that match your ideal customer profile.

You can automate your outreach campaign to have more conversations with the relevant people and convert them into paying customers.

3. Octopus

best sales prospecting tools

Octopus is an all-in-one LinkedIn platform that helps you send automated personalized connection requests and messages to hundreds of your connections in seconds.

You can visit hundreds of profiles and endorse their skills automatically. It is one great prospecting tool to grow your LinkedIn and simplify your prospecting efforts.

Cold Calling tools

As the name implies cold calling is a phone call done by sales reps to reach out to a potential buyer who is a stranger to them with no prior contact.

Cold calling has been around for decades. With modern sales techniques everywhere these days, some people still rely on cold calls to find new prospects.

Fortunately, there are many sales prospecting tools around specifically made for cold-calling prospects. These tools have made cold calling much easier than how it used to be before.

Now you can schedule your calls, scale your call statistics, and prioritize each depending upon the level of engagement with the prospects.

1. Aircall

best sales prospecting tools

Aircall is a cold-calling sales prospecting tool that requires no hardware at all. It's a cloud call center solution for sales and support teams.

Aircall can be connected with CRMs and other essential software to gather all the information needed. You can create new numbers, new profiles, and workflows according to the business requirements.

2. Cloudtalk

best sales prospecting tools

Cloudtalk is another cold-calling solution that stops the boundaries and local territories from coming in between your sales calling process.

With over 160 national numbers you can connect with prospects from any region in the world. It's a great sales prospecting tool to grow your business anywhere in the world.

3. MyOperator

best sales prospecting tools

MyOperator is a software as a service with awesome features like automated IVR, AI-powered speech analytics, and scalable conversations.

MyOperator can integrate with any CRM and facilitate you to manage calls, SMS, and Whatsapp on one platform.

4. EasyLeadz

best sales prospecting tools

Easy leadz is another amazing solution made for cold-calling prospects.

EasyLeadz's chrome extension can find direct contact numbers of your b2b prospects while you are browsing their business profiles. It can generate leads for your cold calling while you are searching for prospects online.

Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling meetings is as important as reaching out to your prospects. That is when you close your deals and convert your potential prospects into paying customers.

There are several sales prospecting tools specifically made to ease the process of scheduling. You don't want multiple emails or messages sent to find a time that suits you both.

There are several tools out there that consider the schedules of both sales reps and prospects and allow one to choose a time slot that's convenient for everyone.

These sales prospecting tools also remind you of the meetings via emails and make sure that you don't miss one. Almost all professionals use a tool to schedule their meetings today.

1. Calendly

best sales prospecting tools

Calendly is a well-known tool that allows you to automate the meeting schedule process without you having to send multiple emails to find one suitable time for a meeting.

Just by adding one link in your message, you can allow your prospects to choose a time slot that suits them best.


best sales prospecting tools

Vyte is an all-in-one scheduling tool that provides you with a booking page to share your availabilities. Your prospects can look at all the time slots available for a meeting and can choose one that suits their schedule.

You can also implement a scheduling system in your product or service with their scheduling API, which makes it even easier for your prospects to book a meeting with you.

Sales CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become a very essential sales prospecting tool for businesses of all sizes.

It is a great tool for automating important tasks and communicating with team members and customers. A CRM saves all customer data like user behavior, purchase records, communication, and contact details.

CRM software helps you manage your business better and organize relationships with customers. It can help you increase sales by managing communication with your prospective leads.

You can set up email campaigns to nurture leads that opted in your sales funnel and can also trigger emails to customers based on their interests and preferences.

1. Hubspot

best sales prospecting tools

Hubspot is a complete CRM platform that helps with marketing, sales, operations, customer service, and contact management.

Their Sales hub allows you to automate email campaigns to build relationships and increase sales. You can do a live chat with customers or schedule meetings to close more deals and grow your business.

They have also got a mobile app that makes communication easier for you just so you can respond immediately without even needing a desktop.

2. Active Campaign

best sales prospecting tools

Active Campaign is another incredible sales prospecting tool. It's an easy-to-use platform that saves you hours through marketing automation and easy email campaigns.

Active Campaign provides you with all the CRM tools you need for B2B, B2C, and E-commerce platforms. It can support customer communication on every possible channel.

With Active campaign, you can find prospects through website tracking, nurture them with email marketing, and convert them into paying customers by bringing them to your landing pages.

3. EngageBay

best sales prospecting tools

Engage bay is an all-in-one platform for marketing, sales, and support teams. You can save as many contact details as you like and build stronger relationships by tracking the details of your customers,

You can save time by automating your marketing processes and scheduling email sequences to target your customers. Engage bay has got all the help you need to set up landing pages and forms.

Their live chat support can ensure customer happiness and increase your conversion rates by providing instant guidance to customers that need help.


There are hundreds of amazing sales prospecting tools that can help you with your sales and marketing process.

To keep the blog post digestible, I have kept the mentions limited and missed a lot of them.

I strongly recommend using them because they will save you a lot of time and improve your workflow efficiency.

If you haven't yet tried our cold emailing tool, then please try it for free by signing up here.

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