Nureply VS Quicklines

Quicklines started as a really good product but recently they almost abandoned everything.

Nureply's AI first lines using much more sophisticated training material and results are unpredictibly good. There is no chance to not getting replies to your cold emails.

Check the comparison table and start your Free Trial on Nureply to get more replies.

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High Quality LinkedIn Personalization

๐Ÿ‘Ž Basic Personalization

LinkedIn Experince Based

LinkedIn Education Based

100+ Parallel Personalizations

Customize First Lines

Copy First Lines for Using on the Go

Hyper Personalized AI for Icebreakers

๐Ÿ‘Ž Based on Basic AI

Constantly Evolving and Learning AI

Seamless Customer Support

Why choose Nureply over Quicklines?

Better Personalization

Get better AI personalization with GPT4 and more data. You will get more responses ever than before.

More Than Personalization

Get more than just personalizing icebreakers. Send emails, track opens and Multinbox for all inboxes

AI Based Email Sending

Send emails powered with latest AI technologies to ensure landing in INBOX, everytime

Automated email campaigns and follow ups

Automate cold email campaigns once and scale your campaigns forever

Impressive Numbers from Nureply Users




Icebreakers Generated


More Replies


Deals closed


01. What is a Cold Email?

A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact. It could also be defined as the email equivalent of cold calling.

02. How much post-editing is required with Nureply?

Nureply's AI model is trained to generate the highest quality icebreaker outputs specifically for agency owners with no human editing required.

03. How long does it take to generate icebreaker first lines with Nureply?

Our AI powered icebreaker first lines take seconds to be generated. On average it takes around 20 seconds to generate 100 icebreaker first lines - 400% faster than other AI writing softwares and 1000% faster than a virtual assistant.

04. How is Nureply better than a virtual assistant?

Nureply is 10x cheaper than a virtual assistant and generates personalized icebreaker first lines 10x faster so you can scale your agency further. No human editing required. No pointless contact required. Just generate and save.

05. How is Nureply better than other AI writing tools?

As agency owners, we designed Nureply specifically for agency owners. Our AI has faster throughput and higher accuracy than other alternatives by focusing on specific inputs that generate the highest quality outputs specifically for agency owners.

Quicklines Alternative


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