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Reviews about Nureply
Reviews about Nureply
Reviews about Nureply
Reviews about Nureply
Reviews about Nureply
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All you need for growth

Nureply offers a lot of features to help you connect with your leads and optimize cold email campaigns that drive business growth.


Connect all your accounts within seconds.

  • Nureply allows you to connect unlimited email accounts.
  • Connect Gmail, Outlook and all other mail providers.
  • Start your warm-up with connected emails.

“Nureply is easy to set-up and get started with. No complicated mail integrations needed.”

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Increase reply rate with Hyper-Personalized First Lines

  • Website and Linkedin based personalization with Nureply’s AI.
  • Reduce spam rate of your campaigns.
  • Get your lead's attention with a personal touch.

“Nureply is so much better than other Al first-line writing softwares.”

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William T.

CEO of Zeiter Consulting

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Easily automate your cold email campaigns for better conversion

  • Drive revenue using Nureply's AI powered automated cold emails.
  • Save tons of time on email campaigns and work more efficiently with AI email writer.
  • Improved open rates and conversions by Nureply.

“From a quality point of view I think Nureply is superior, definitely better than alternative AI email writing tools.”

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Omer M.

Global Supply Manager, Apple

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Drive sales with drip campaigns

  • Set up your drip campaigns with easy-to-use automation platform.
  • Send automated cold email follow ups.
  • Optimize your campaigns and let Nureply do everything for you.

“This app is so simple yet so powerful! I love how I can easily add follow ups and see my entire schedule at a glance.”

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Sarp K.

Co-Founder, Goddess App

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Get the full picture with real-time analytics

  • Track every click rate, reply rate, open rate, and bounce rate on one screen
  • Monitor your prospects' responses in one inbox
  • Analyze your results to improve your cold email campaigns

“Outstanding results, support and platform for cold email.”

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Louie S.

Agency Owner, Lugenco

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See Nureply in action

Turn your leads into real customers. Watch Nureply in action and witness the magic happening in seconds. Check Nureply demo below.

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We figured you're a numbers person ;)


Average ROI

when you invest in Nureply


Total Hours Saved

with AI Email Generator


Awesome users

closing deals with cold email


Icebrakers Generated with Nureply’s AI

Nureply’s Best Features

Upload your leads into Nureply and instantly scrapes their personal public data to generate unique personalized first lines that you can use for your cold email icebreaker in seconds!

1 click setup | CC Required


Guides from Cold Email Experts

Learn how to use cold emails to build your next million-dollar business. Everything you need to know about sending, automating and setting up your cold email campaigns.

Get started with Nureply

It only takes a few minutes to get started your cold email campaigns with Nureply. Reach your customers—start free, today.

Here are the reasons why cold email experts use Nureply


CSV File Bulk Personalization

Import all your leads as a CSV file and download personalized content for each lead, ready to use in your campaign.

Website based personalization

Remember to include your prospects' company or personal website so that Nureply's AI can generate uniquely personalized opening lines.

LinkedIn based personalization

Adding your prospect's Linkedin profile to generate uniquely curated opening lines for each lead.

AI Generated Mails

Icebreaker Generate

With Nureply's AI, adding company website and Linkedin profile of your prospects will generate unique icebreakers

AI Email Copywriter

Let Nureply's AI handle your email copywriting and give you an insight on how you can write a cold email

Auto Generated Mails

Automating your mails will save you tones of time. Lay back and track your results.

Unlimited Options

Unlimited Inboxes

Ready to manage all your responses on one platform? Don't lost in multiple inboxes and never miss a reply.

Unlimited Mails

We want you to succeed and don't place any limit on the number of emails you can send.

Unlimited Email Account

Connecting unlimited mail accounts will empower you to reach all your prospects and achieve better results.

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